Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2016

2016 is paving the way as one of our favorite years yet with interior design trends and specifically in kitchen design. After all the kitchen could be the most important space in the home.  Between Matte finishes, black stainless steel, and concrete accents, we are leaving light and airy far behind and setting a whole new mood.

black stainless kitchenWe love matte finishes due to their vast versatility.  There is something about a smooth matte finish that brings a sense of ease and relaxation to a space. They can be taken from industrial, to rustic, to feminine and done so well.  They can command the room as a statement piece, or blend in as a soft accent.  We love them as fixtures and cannot wait to use them as kitchen and bathroom hardware. The simplicity of the surface allows the color and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials.

Black stainless steel is something we are going absolutely crazy over.  There is no question that this feature is masculine and confident.  It has such a chic awareness to it and calls the attention in the kitchen.  We love it used in a sultry dark kitchen and paired with stainless steel accents, the soft, brushed metal of the black stainless can be handsomely offset by chrome details and satin-textured handles.

Concrete Floors AspenKeeping with the confident yet extremely versatile feel of the above two trends, concrete is coming back in a huge way.  From countertops, to large scale tiling, to floors, it is pulling it’s weight in this granite driven industry.  Concrete is a material that can be manipulated in just about anyway. Far from feeling too cold or industrial, concrete can complement almost any style of kitchen.  From color to texture you can make it look as complex or as naturally simple as your personal taste decides, just add other warmer, natural textures like fabric or wood to keep it from feeling too austere.

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