Aspen Design Room and a Bob Bowden Aspen Home

Bob Bowden Aspen BedroomThe interior design team at the Aspen Design Room considers themselves fortunate to have the opportunity to work on some of the most luxuries homes in the country with budgets that allow them to be extremely creative and clients that want to push the boundaries of interior spaces while maintaining a comfortable and livable space. One such home was completed last year, and after its completion made a record sale for over a calendar year as of the February 2017.

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Built on Mclain Flats just outside the mountain hamlet of Aspen this estate sits at a little over 8,000 feet in elevation. Sitting above town gives this home views of the entire Elk Mountain range. The Elks are considered one of the most majestic ranges in the Rockies with many famous peaks including the Maroon Bells, Snowmass Mountain and Capital Peak. Capital Peak is one of the most difficult of all the mountains in Colorado to climb. In the forefront of these mountains sits all four of the Aspen Skiing Company ski mountains; Aspen (also known as Ajax) Aspen Highlands, Bob Bowden Aspen Kitchen RemodelSnowmass Ski Area and Buttermilk (home to the world famous X Games), the combination of the Elk Mountain backdrop set against the four ski areas is impressive to say the least. . Then to add even more this panoramic view extends to the east with views up Independence Pass and it’s namesake historic ghost town.

This home not only has amazing views but also has redefined mountain living, not only in Aspen but also across the country. The living spaces were addressed by the interior design team before construction to allow for texture and materials to be built in during the construction process, this means the design is more than a coat of paint and a designer couch, but flows from the structural elements into every detail of the living spaces from the curtains to the finishes. This attention to design gives the home a cohesive feeling from room to room while at the same time allowing each space to have a unique identity, the best of both worlds.

Bob Bowden Aspen Pool RoomIn terms of lifestyle this estate really has it all, everything a family could want to relax or to entertain guests. If you don’t have time to hit the slopes or get out for a hike there is the personal gym complete with everything you need to stay fit. There is also an indoor pool for swimming laps if lifting weights is not your thing. Then recover in the indoor hot tub and steam room, you will be ready to do it all again the next day. Want to throw a party, the outside pool area has everything you could want to host the event of the summer. The outdoor pool measures 48’ x 24’, plenty of room for your guests. They can also alternate between the outdoor hot tub and cabana decks as they sip on your beverage of choice. You can prepare a feast fit for a king with the outdoor commercial kitchen and wet bar island and afterwards you can relax but the fire ring lounge, this home really does have it all.

Creating homes that offer en elevated quality of life, a design that is luxurious, modern and timeless all in one and premium construction is what a Bob Bowden Aspen homes is all about. Aspen Design Room is proud to part of the team that creates these masterpieces along with Bowden Properties Aspen and B2 Builders.